About Gidicoin

Gidicoin was established to aid the wide use of crypto currencies in Africa and beyond. Cryptocurrency is pregnant with a lot of opportunities yet undiscovered and gidicoin's goal is to research and harness such for individuals, Corporations and the society.

How we intend to achieve this

Transactions: Cryptocurrencies are now digital assets and a reliable store of value. Through the gidicoin exchange we enable easy fiat to crypto exchange for major crypto currrencies in the world.

Utility: The value of any entity is its utility. Enabling a wide use of cryptocurrencies involves creating systems that:

  • I. Allow people use cryptos to purchase products.
  • II. Payment for service rendered (including salaries and invoices ) by individuals and business.

Gson: - Is an identity/contract token that binds users' identity into the blockchain. The gson token could be used in electoral activities, Identity systems (User Authentication), contracts.

Alexia Alexia provides users with a systems that mirrors services banks offer. Users are able to save both fiat and cryptocurrencies and get returns based on the plans they register for. Via alexia, users can open corporate accounts, get loans, use our Api to receive payments and lots. The major difference with what banks currently offers is that alexia doesn't keep your money in the bank without interest.

The Team

Pius AnyebeLeader/CoFounder
Ogunseye MichealCo-Founder
Samuel AdeshinaDeveloper
Ugochi KingCFO